DDIMM is a team of young, aspiring individuals who have a passion for delivering within their roles. We offer unmatched service in customised media monitoring, intelligent analytical market information and reporting, global and local partnerships, and intellectual technology, which is why we attract clients who require our unparalleled customer service.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most comprehensive services for all media
reputation management
and media monitoring in Africa, with our team keeping up
the pace and continuing to break boundaries.

In order to stay ahead, we make sure we do things differently to any other media monitoring company in Africa or any market, for that matter. We offer the full spectrum in all media reputation management and we’re forging ahead in global media monitoring across all platforms, including online, broadcast, social media and print.

Everything we do is geared towards the highest levels of accuracy and delivery actionable insights in near real time.


Since our inception, we’ve partnered with international, market-leading software, aggregation,
and intelligence companies who assist us in delivering above and beyond our capabilities. We’ve
worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, huge corporates and budding
start-ups – no business or brand is too big or small for us to assist and we take pride in each project
we undertake. We continue to develop systems that are moving with the advances of technology,
keeping us head of the curve and helping our clients stay in control of their brands.

Want to manage your reputation differently, with accuracy, balanced by superior service?

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