Media intelligence is the number one weapon to have in your arsenal when it comes to brand management, reputation management and defining new ways to understand and communicate with your audience. DDIMM offers tailored solutions that will help you and your business keep tabs on the market landscape, while assisting you in forging strategies based on real data and tangible insights.

We understand that each client is unique, as is their business requirement, which is why we customise each solution incorporating any (or all) of the following components:

  • Brand reputation management
  • Brand visibility
  • Data contextualisation
  • Topic tracking of multiple topics, simultaneously
  • Media trends and platform tactics
  • Tonality analysis
  • Customised categorisation
  • Tailored analytical reporting, as well as live interactive analytics and real-time research

  • Strategic and media landscape analysis
  • PR strategy and press release monitoring
  • Specialised social media reporting
  • Competitor benchmarking and competitor analytics
  • Content aggregation and content management
  • Business integration into your daily workflow

There are a number of other attributes we can include based on what your brand or business seeks to gain from our media monitoring or brand management services.

Take charge of your business and your reputation using actual data and insights.

Contact DDIMM today to discuss how our media monitoring services can help you.